Heritage Challenge No. 42: {Summertime}

Before anyone says anything, yes, this is a heritage page, and yes, the theme is summer. Smile The story is this...

The part of California where I was raised is predominantly farm country, with some of the crops being peaches and pears, plums and walnuts. Growing up, a hallmark of summer was the ripening of the fruit and its eventual harvest. Our neighborhood was surrounded by orchards, and some of my fondest memories are of mid-summer bike rides in the evenings down country roads, with orchards on either side of me, the trees heavy with fresh fruit, the air heavy with their perfume.

The photo in this layout is of my mom not long after she moved to northern California from Canada. It's another photo I found in the stash o' photos she left me when she passed, another photo whose true story I will never know. What I do know, however, is that she is standing in front of some peach trees, eating a freshly picked peach, so the photo was probably taken in July or August. When I saw this photo, memories of my own summers came flooding back to me. I see this photo and I can feel the slightly scratchy peach skins on my hands, I can smell the sweet peach scent, I can taste that delicious peachy goodness. I like the idea that, although separate by years, Mom and I shared a similar summer experience.

I'm running late this morning (don't you just hate it when work gets in the way of scrapping? Smile ) so I'll be back with the credit links later...


Whew! It took a couple of days, but I'm finally back with the credit links!

Anna Aspnes
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Lynn Grieveson
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Maplebrook Studio
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Katie Pertiet
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