3 kits 3 ways credits

Katie Pertiet
Star Strips Brushes and Stamps

Maplebrook Studios
Jelly Alphabet No. 12

Ali Edwards
Painted Borders and Grid Brushes and Stamps

Reveille - this is your favorite pastime, running up and down the fence between our house and the neighbors. You are busy defending your turf from the neighbor’s dog, Dexter. You bark and growl, you almost foam at the mouth. Dexter is such a terrible threat, so you think. Dexter just lies there and looks at you. Sometimes he will get up and come by the fence in order to give you an opportunity to be neighborly. But you will have nothing to do with being neighborly. If nothing else, Dexter’s closeness just fuels your flame & you grow even more hysterical in you growling and running. I am very sorry that we won’t let you partake in this activity since you hurt your leg jumping of the retaining wall between the two yards. I know you must feel insecure and unable to truly guard your turf and our family as you believe it should be guarded. Maybe now it is just time to make friends!
Other Credits:
Katie Pertiet
Buttoned Up
Farm Fresh Collection
Little Fly Aways Stickers
Wild Horses Kit

Anna Aspnes
Saffron Villa PageSet
Stitched by Anna Cream No. 03

Pattie Knox
Text Bytes: Shaped Text Templates No. 41
Shimmer Me Tidbits: Splattered

Maplebrook Studios
Samma Kit

Lynn Grieveson
Worn Edges Mixed

The Grunge Source
Star Pieces Elements and Brushes No. 01