A little documentation of Ella's birthday.

It was the perfect day. You’d been planning it and imagining it pretty much every day since you’re eighth birthday. Not sure what it is about birthdays you love so much. Perhaps you’re like me and just like to revel in your special day. As has become tradition, you picked a breakfast of French toast and then I took you for a surprise visit to Sweet and Sassy to get your hair and nails done. You loved your hair, so much so you refused to take it out for 4 days. I finally insisted that the hair had to be washed. By the time we got home Grandma and Grandpa had arrived and then came the cousins. We feasted on Dad’s BBQ ribs and birthday sundaes before enjoying a beautiful Denver Summer evening in the yard, roasting marshmallows for smores and making a bed under the stars. You were popular with the mosquitoes that night with all that sugar in your blood but it didn’t seem to spoil your fun. You said several times that night, and right when I tucked you into bed that night. “Mom, I wish this day would never end”. The same thing I used to to say to Mama when I was little. I gave the same response as she used to give to me, “It has to end so that you can look forward to the next one.” Hard to believe we’ll be celebrating a decade of Ella next year. Photo: 3 July 2011 / Filed: 6 July 2011

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