The really do grow so fast! Sheesh, I am going to have a teenager before I know it! Wink

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You had a check up with the nurse this week to see how your growth and development is going along. You are doing so well! You really are our little giant as you are continuing to track along the 97th percentile. It was only the other day when I was talking to another Mummy at the shops and you were bigger than her 6 month old baby so we were not surprised to hear you were big for your age. The nurse also checked your hearing and vision profiles and development and activity and told us you were on par with a 6 month old baby for all of them! We think it has everything to do with your determined personality. You have focused so intently on things since you were born and have always been ahead of the development curve. Next stop for us though is your 4 month needles my Son which won’t be as much fun!