iTunes Inspiration 62

Akk! Sorry, Mel, I'm running behind! This is for the iTunes inspiration challenge from a couple of weeks ago...

So, I've had this idea in my head for quite a while but haven't known how to scrap it. A few years ago a friend and and I took a week off from work and families and traveled to New York city. Love that place! So full of noise and light and energy! I hope to be able to visit there again soon, but I digress...

One of the things that struck me while we were there was how, um, unconcerned people were about the public conversations they were having on their cell phones. I think this must be true everywhere, of course--when people talk on their cell phones they act as though a cone of silence has dropped over them and that no one else can hear what they say, so they tend to say the most private things. Somehow, though, to me it seemed more pronounced in NYC, from the clueless idiot who just told everyone on Bleeker St. that the key to his house is under the front porch mat, to the arrogant Wall Streeter who announced to all and sundry that he was committing insider trading, to the woman in Henri Bendel's who was being dumped over the phone by her married lover. Seriously, Dude, if we're sitting next to you on the subway or if we're waiting with you at the bus stop or if we're in line with you at the bakery and you're screaming into the phone at the top of your lungs, we can hear you!!! Perhaps because the sidewalks of NYC are just a bit more crowded than what I'm used to, and so statistically more people will be on their cell phones at any given time, but it seemed to me that I was hearing waaaaaaay more personal info than I normally do when around people on cell phones. I started writing down some of the more outrageous things I heard, with the idea that I'd make a layout about it for my NYC travel book. It took Mel's iTunes inspiration to get me to finally make this page!

I take no credit for the title, "Second-Hand Noise," although I can't remember where I've heard it before. I like the analogy between exposure to overheard cell phone conversations and exposure to someone else's cigarette smoke. Smile

Oh, and since that trip I have been much more careful about the phone conversations I have in public. I don't want them to end up on someone's scrapbook page. Smile

Journaling reads:
Second-Hand Noise
overheard on the streets of New York City June 2007

"Tell her she has to eat her mac and cheese BEFORE she can eat her pie. OMG, you're supposed to be the adult! MAKE here eat her mac and cheese!"
"How drunk was she?"
"I TOLD you I'm at the office! That noise? Someone has a radio on...."
"I'd totally ask my mom to be a surrogate, 'cause, like, she's already fat."
"I'm not sending that $%^& one red cent!!!"
"Ma! You have to take your meds! Because you have CANCER, that's why!!!"
"I told her she looked great in that dress, but honestly I thought she looked like a tramp! No, no, no I really did think YOU looked great!"
"All the things I've done for you and you're going back to your wife?!? After I left my husband for you?!?"
"No! I want the vacation house! You get the townhouse. You know what? $%^& that! I want them both! You get nothing! NOTHING!!!!"
"Of COURSE this is insider trading, but who else will know?"
"Wait! He tried to commit suicide? OMG!!!"

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