I was looking at this picture of the bee nearly falling off the flower, and thought to myself that she had really hairy legs, and perhaps she should shave them. Which led to the question....
We can blame sleeveless dresses and sheer hosiery for this one girls, all made popular by the flapper generation of the twenties. And now I guess we're stuck here - though rumor has it that it's not a world-wide phenomena. It seems to be limited to us and the Brits, and by extension, perhaps the Aussies, though I'm not sure about that. Anyway, I still don't know WHO started it in particular. What person woke up one morning and said, "I know!! Let's market sleeveless dresses and sheer hose, and we can increase our sales of razors!" (They didn't have safety razors yet, and can you imagine shaving your underarms with a straight razor???? It's a wonder everyone didn't bleed to death!) Whoever he was, you can bet he was a billionaire before he was finished. And he probably started the whole "I don't like the way I look thing, too." Because up until then, women seemed to be fairly content with how they looked, and if they weren't, they were at least pragmatic about it.

I don't know what that tiny red bug is, except to say that it's NOT a chigger. It may be an assassin bug, but I'm not sure. Anyway, it's really tiny - about the size of a pin head, and it did look as though it was conversing with the bee.

And now that your day is started with a smile, I hope the rest of it will be wonderful, too!

Anna Aspnes
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Inky Dink photo overlays ( I really like these)