18. Nearly done with my stay in VA. I get myself out to the Falls Church farmers’ market . It is comparable to our Sunday a.m one. 1 farmer is from Westmorland County. Seeing morels & thinking of how many I had in Seattle. 19. Nice to still see the champagne mangoes. I buy two. 20. Settling in back at home with a simple lunch of wax beans & chile on rice Lots to get caught up on especially in the garden. ugh. 21. After sweeping the deck of the endless bamboo leaves I decided to save some of the baby peaches & plant them. Somewhere. I wonder if we’ll get any edible ones this year.!

22. These are the days of suntea every day. I’m glad the Luzianne decaf is good. I can almost go through a box a week! In addition to the cardinals in the a.m., I saw what Dick says is a possum. I hope so cause it’s too rat like for me! 23. My oregano burned up but one thing that did sprout while I was gone was the mustard. I bet those seeds were 5-10 yrs old! Amazing, & a great taste. 24. While cleaning up the deck, I finally dealt with the old zinc topped table. The legs are rotting & Dick says it isn’t worth building a new base. I WANT a new base & will have to figure something out. Time to get rid of lots of pots though. Freecycle I hope.



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