Every summer we take Duke to a nearby town for the Doggie Dip, an event where dogs are invited to come swim in the pool the last night it's open. Yep, makes a mess, but it's a great fund-raiser for the pool, and it's always packed! So much FUN, and Duke loving the water as much as he does, we have to go every year! This was last summer's Doggie Dip.

Loved this photo of Mike and Duke, and it was even more amazing to get a shot without any other dogs or children in the water behind Mike!

The only thing I added to this page was my own keyline, and the word brush at the bottom, and I can't find it now in my stash! I'm not doing too well today ladies! Too much 4th of July excitement I guess...oh well, I'll keep looking and post it here if I find it later...

Thanks for looking! Smile