I was determined to use these datestamp frames of Katie's, and got almost to the end of this lo before noticing it didn't include 2011. Oh. A little editing later, and now it does! TFL, and thanks for Bob and his great inspiration, Debi!
Designer Digitals\Katie Pertiet\ DateStampFramesNo1, DigitalDates-3circles, LooselyLabeledAlphaNo2, BookplateNotesNo2
Designer Digitals\Michelle Martin\ Kotteder pp, tag, alpha, star, CamdenSolids (blended)
Designer Digitals\Pattie Knox\ FastenIts hinge, screw
Designer Digitals\Ali Edwards\ CelebratingMultiples
Designer Digitals\Anna Aspnes\ Stitched by Anna Bitz White No 1