I have started a new project, yipee. (The books for the boys are all done except for the printing. May post a few more pages later.) This time it's holidays we have had. I am starting at the beginning, 1971. We hired a houseboat and enjoyed a weekend in the sun with my sister her then boyfriend and a couple of other (married) friends. Much laughter, fun and "mucking" around took place, especially from DH showing off by jumping off the roof of the houseboat. The photo of us enjoying a drink is certainly a classic in our collection. The back of the lounge we were sitting on broke and the photo was snapped at just the right time.

I Used:
Katie Pertiet
Web Inspired Template 11/7/10 modified for the two pages.
Make Your Own Postmarks Pack No. 03
Colorful Watery Spots No. 01
Anna Aspnes
Light Textured Neutrals Paperie No. 01
Dripped Stains No. 05 BrushSet
MultiColor MagicFlares No. 01
Beach Bum BrushSet

Colorburned Coffee Stained brushes