Yesterday, my daughter and some of her friends and I went downtown to celebrate Canada Day on Parliament Hill. The National Capital Commission puts on an amazing show featuring Canadian talent, followed by fireworks. As many of you know, the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall, Prince William and Catherine are in Ottawa on their first official visit. There are usually around 35,000 people on the Hill for the show. Last year there were 100,000 when Queen Elizabeth attended and this year the estimates went as high as 300,000. I now understand the phrase "sea of humanity", mostly clad in red and white. I didn't go down with the intention of taking a photo of the Royal couple, but found myself near a barricade lined with people waiting for the motorcade to pass by. I had my 24-70 mm lens on and decided to try for a photo. I panned with the car's motion (Rastaman foremost in my mind) and suddenly there she was in my viewfinder and I pressed the shutter...and snapped a gorgeous photo of this RCMP officer...that's her red hat just under his chin. Sigh, oh well, we had a good time anyway!

KPertiet-Flourished Christmas Papers, Candid Collection Kit (sticker recoloured), Banner Strips No 1,Brushed Alpha No 3

MJohnson-Canadian Collection (maple leaf button recoloured) (Scrap Girls)