A page I have been meaning to complete for awhile. My youngest has a love of talking and I really wanted to document some of her favorite words and phrases.
Thanks for looking!

You, my dear Ellie, have a gift of gab! You always keep us amused with your awesome facial expressions and vocabulary. Here are a few of your favorite words and phrases at age 4 ...... actually..... ackward ..... weird ..... gross ..... disgusting ..... perfect..... got it? got it! ..... Are you joking me? ..... Wa wa is made out of fragile! ..... I love you the same much! ..... I have a question! ..... Ok guys, here is what we are going to do! ..... Everybody listen to me! ..... I feel plain ..... I think I am allergic to gum! .....This is the best day ever! ....

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