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But you really need to know the rest of the story. The first photo was taken around 0630 in the early sunshine of the day. Those on this page were taken about 7 in the evening on a calm summer day. There are several balloonists who "fly" from Wright Bros. airport about a mile from my home, so it's not terribly uncommon to step out and see a cluster of them overhead. There were 8 on this evening, and we counted 5 more taking off from nearby places. Not nearly as many as there will be in a coulple of weeks. There's a balloon festival scheduled for July 15. I'm on call that weekend, so I'm hoping it will be quiet so I can sneak in and get some pics.

Once again, I used only the 3 kits.

Anna Aspnes
Artplay palette 7 mini kit

Andrea Victoria

Katie Pertiet
Alandia Paix Brush set