More pictures from 2005...wish the quality of photos were better, but I think these might be pre-digital.
Thanks for looking!

We started reading Junie B Jones books together the summer before Kindergarten. One or two books later, you were reading them on your own! I still can picture you walking to the bus stop with your
nose in a Junie book, always so excited to read about her crazy adventures!

K. Pertiet
Color Inspiration 12311
Color Inspiration 91910
Stitched Up Frames No 3
Roughed UP Notebook Papers No 2
Rounded Clipping Masks
Gater Crossing Kit
Cut Up Everyday No 2
Oiselet Bleu Kit (Tape)
Sew Good Stitching (tag)
Alandia Kit (tag)
2nd Hand Memories (staples)
Little Princess Kit
Zipper Pull Dates
Luscious Paper

L. Grieveson
In Distress3 Paper
Paperless Office Photo Corners

A. Aspnes
Curvy Corner Stitched Blocks

M. Martin
Samma Kit

C. Zielske
Dotted n Dashed Frames