Our most recent venture to the zoo... TFL! Amy

We met Jennifer, Annabel and Georgia at the Brookfield Zoo. You all were ecstatic to see each other and didn’t pay much attention to the animals. The second you approached them, you and Annabel looked at each other, held your noses and said “Ewww”. And then you made up the Stinky Poo dance. Climbing the fences, dancing and chanting Stinky Poo amused you all for our visit to the zoo.

Classic Cardstock Snow Fun
Le Marche Photo Corners
Colorful Watery Spots No1
Cut Ups Everyday No2
Little Farmer
Eat Cake Staples

Stiched by Anna White 2
Art Play Blooming Marvelous
Loop da Loops 2
Stitched by Anna 1

Kotteder flower