Duke hates our mailman, just absolutely hates him! He runs the length of our front windows every day when the guy gets here, going berserk, barking, etc. So of course we put the Christmas tree right in front of the window, thinking that would stop him mid-rampage...right? Oh no. The day after we put the tree up, I came home from school and found this. Apparently he didn't go around the tree like we thought he would -- he decided to just barrel right through it!!! Shattered ornaments everywhere...thank goodness it was a fake tree this year -- but still, branches were all bent up from where it landed, and what a pain to pick it all up! I was so mad, but mostly at myself -- what did I expect, putting the tree in his "anger path?" Smile And the look on his face here -- you can tell he knows he's in big trouble now! We ended up moving the tree to a different corner in the living room, away from the front windows, and it lasted the rest of the holiday season! Wink

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