Another layout inspired by my most recent Project 2011 blog post about documenting the *things* people say. One of my absolute favourite ways to add depth to a scrapbook page.

Journaling reads:
In the brand spanking new Lego store in Park Meadows Mall, one hot Sunday Denver afternoon , you approach me with 2 large boxes of Lego that in sum were almost as big as you. Flashing me those dark brown puppy-dog eyes, you asked if you could have both. When I explained that you only had enough Christmas money for one set, your disappointment was clear. And so I decided to ask, “What will you do for me if I make up the difference?” This had all come on the heels of an incident, where you had refused to participate in helping the rest of the family at dinner one night, which had resulted in a consequence that required you to set the table for breakfast and dinner for the next 2 weeks. Luke responded, very matter-of-fact, and innocently, “I will set the table until I am a teenager.” Me: “And what happens if you don’t do that?” Luke: “Then I will set the table until I die.” WOW. You REALLY wanted that Lego. You tugged at my heart in a way that only little boys can, but already in the car home, you were back tracking a little. You blurted from the back seat of the car. “Mom, I changed my mind. I will set the table until I get married.” Initially, I laughed as I looked over my shoulder into the back and caught a glimpse of your big cheesy grin, but then I thought, should I be worried? Are you just trying to be funny, and make me laugh, which is so very you, or are you already grasping the reality of marriage when one parent is home all day and the other isn’t?
26 June 2011

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