Just a reason to play and create with the new digi stuff. Felt the need for a messy page and Anna's new template did the work for me. I don't get to see this kid as often as I'd like these days. He stays away from home for all the right reasons...........working a summer job and taking a summer college course. He's a great kid.........young man.
Thanks for looking.

Aaron, I can’t believe you are almost TWENTY!! It was just yesterday you were a little boy getting into EVERYTHING you could find to break, take apart, or undo. It was just yesterday that when entering stores I would say, “Aaron, put your hands in your pockets.” to keep you from touching EVERYTHING in sight. It was just yesterday that I put you on the bus for your first day of Kindergarten and you waved and smiled that wonderful mischievous smile of yours and so excited for EVERYTHING that waited for you at the other end of that bus ride. You have the most positive attitude and you have an amazing sense of humor and you have the most loving heart. As you move through life, I hope that one day you have a child who means EVERYTHING to you.

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