Almost to the halfway point of the year! On Saturday, instead of doing the millions of things that needed to be done at the cottage, Isabel and I went for a walk up the Island. Sunday, back home, the clematis in the side yard is blooming. I feel like I run a rescue centre for abandonned plants. My dad planted a Candy Cane clematis in his yard a couple of years before he died. It was always gorgeous. After his death, I was doing some yard work for my mum and noticed that this plant had "volunteered" in front of the kitchen window. I adopted it and planted it along the fence in my side yard. Monday, a hot air balloon flying over the neighbourhood on my drive to work at 7 am.
Tuesday, after a 10 hour day doing an ischemic VT ablation, I bake a rhubarb cake for Yahya's farewell potluck. Wednesday, my little girl turns 17 and we celebrate by going to the RCMP Musical Ride Sunset Ceremonies. We had a great time. Thursday, a 13 hour day with a concealed accessory pathway and an RVOT VT and I finally get to put the Carto away. Friday is my day off and I drop Isabel at school for her final Grade 11 exam. Time sure is flying by!

LGrieveson-Scrap Express No 55

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