This summer has so far proven to be a lot of fun with the kids. Aviv has been a champion - and one day - pretty much out of the blue - decided to throw his swimming rings away and start swimming. Now he dives and swims like a fish! And a year ago, we could barely get him into the water. So much fun to see our kids conquer their own inhibitions and succeed pretty much all by themselves.

Photo with my phone. Smile Wish I could have added the video I took also.

This page pretty much came about by itself. The big graphic cutout with the attached blue striped paper is actually a blown up ying-yang custom shape that I changed a little and attached Andrea's wickedly cool paper to it.

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Andre Victoria:
Blue Skies Mini Kit

Anna Aspnes:
SwimSwim ElementSet

Maplebrook Studioes:
Annelise Kit

Ali Edwards:
2010 Sentiment Tabs
(changed the year to 2011)

Lynn Grieveson:
Forecast Kit

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