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Oh, just realized the journaling is impossible to read at that size - the main gist - playdate with friend Felicitas, I get to tag along because Feli has a little brother only a year younger than Dean...
2nd bit is about what they did (picking currants in the rain and spinning themselves on the swing until they were both sick) and how it will be sad when Feli goes off to school in september, as she is G's butterfly this year. Thankfully though, we should totally lose contact, since Dean and Julius will hopefully be in Kindergarten together for a few years.

Last bit is a quick explanation as to what it means, when I say Feli is G's butterfly (in case we forget over the years!). Basically, she chose G at the beginning of the year, to be her caterpillar, and she is supposed to 'look after' G. It's a bit of a mentoring program they do, although normally the older kids would choose one of the little kids, as in, a 3-year old! G was almost five at the beg. of the year and Feli only just turned six a few weeks ago...But the group was a bit uneven, lots of middle kids and only a few older and younger kids. G was happy to be Feli's caterpillar and so there ya go. They are close in age and the same size, but still got mentored together!

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