My husband lost his last grandfather a few months ago, and it was really hard on him because they were so close. And to add further stress, Mike's family asked him if HE would lead the services and burial -- !!!!! He is not a minister, he's a school principal, so he was okay with the public speaking, but his family is not religious at all, so it was very tricky (and awkward I might add) to say goodbye to his grandpa without prayers or Bible verses...but that's what his grandma wanted...

Anyway, it ended up being a beautiful service, and Mike did a wonderful job, I think it just delayed his grief awhile because he was so focused on conducting the services! No journaling on this page, but we'll always remember that day...this is more of a tribute page... maybe I'll print this out to frame for his grandmother...

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PS: The dog is supposed to be our dog Duke, because they had a special relationship as well...

Thanks for looking! Smile