Another one down! Saturday, I got my hair cut, my stylist always does a great job. Sunday the rose in the backyard is in bloom and the bees are very busy. When I first moved in to this house the neighbours behind me, who are just over a metre lower than my yard, had a lovely climbing rose which always spilled over the fence into my yard. I loved it when it bloomed. One night when I got home from work, I noticed that the rose looked like it needed watering. When I investigated, I found that the neighbour had cut down the rose and couldn't reach the canes over the fence to remove them. I took a few cuttings and was able to root one to plant on my side of the fence and it has been growing strong ever since. Monday, I am in the cath lab, aka the plumbing department. Tuesday, in cath lab 2 and one of our patients is an Elvis impersonator...Wednesday, Inservice is a right heart cath review. Thursday would have been my dad's 91 st birthday and I pick Isabel up from work. I know that I have mentioned this before, but my child hates doing dishes. When she cooks, she dirties every dish in the kitchen. If I insist on her cleaning up, she will wash the plates, but never does the pots. Well, she is working as a dishwasher in the restaurant where a friend's stepdad is chef. I guess that I don't pay her well enough...Friday, I am in the electrical department and we do an ectopic left atrial tachycardia with two morphologies without a company rep. I was verrrrrry, verrrrrry busy. How was your week?

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