Sigh, just got back from the cottage, where I realized how fast my life is changing. I saw a note in the shed written by my dad to remind him of the ratio of gas to oil for the boat motor (he died in 2006), my Mum is too unsteady on her feet to come down (one word-outhouse) and due to some family stuff, my sister and her adult children will not be down. Isabel has a job :o and we had to come back today. We went down last night after work and I had planned to do a bunch of stuff, but we just ended up going for a walk up the island. It occurred to me on the walk that I usually led and Isabel followed, but the opposite happened today. I love that she has grown up strong and independent, but part of me misses the little girl who needed me more. I remembered this LO, which Windows tells me I made Dec 30, 2009 and modified in July of last year. I guess that the process has been going on for a while.....

Journalling- This summer you said that you wanted to go out in the canoe. I thought that that sounded like fun and asked if I could come too. Your response? You said, "know any famous explorers who took their mothers along?" August 2009

KPertiet-Barely there alpha

AAspnes-Find my way

BTuma-Cool corduroy solids (2P's)
Unknown photo mask

Font-Bradley Hand ITC