It's probably a good thing I decided on photo therapy after work yesterday when the sun was shining, 'cause it's rainy again today.

The story is this: I was stalking the Cedar Waxwings who fly through this grove once or twice a day, and who ALWAYS manage to perch cle-e-ear up at the top of the tallest tree, and who take off the INSTANT you try to sneak closer for a photo, so I had taken the 200-500 lens along (it's new) to play with, but hadn't taken a tripod since I didn't plan to get out of the car and scare away the birdies (I use the car like a duck blind). Anyway, I had just mounted the long lens, and here right next to me appeared this little hummingbird. I've seen her once or twice before, but have never been successful at catching a photo of her. So! I cranked the lens in a bit to 350mm, and snapped her while she zipped around this blue spruce. I think she was eating insects. But the end result is that this was hand held using the window frame as a steadying point. It wasn't the photo I had set out to take, but I won't complain. I think I'm going to like this lens.

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