Template Challenge June 2, 2011

Ugh. Been away from the site for a while, as I've been laid up with a nasty flu. You know it has to be bad if I can't even crawl to the computer to check out the gallery (although I note with amusement--and Peter notes with annoyance--I was somehow able to get to my computer over the weekend and buy some of the new DD products!. Smile Smile )

This is my take on the latest template challenge. I thought I'd better hurry and get this posted before the next challenge is posted tomorrow! Smile

Back in April, two of my Canadian relatives were in San Francisco for a few days, and Peter and I spent a Sunday with them showing them around. Near the end of the day, we stopped off at a very popular overlook on the north side of the Golden Gate Bridge and got these iconic photos. (Seriously, if you google "Golden Gate," you'll see several photos that look very similar to the ones on this page.) I had started to scrap this page a while ago and then just got stuck. I didn't know how to finish this until I saw what you guys were doing with Pattie's cool template.

I've mentioned in a few pages I've already posted for that day how I was driving my auntie starkers by constantly taking pictures. When we were at this overlook, Auntie got to chatting with another group of tourists, some young men who were here from Africa. One of them had a musical instrument he had made with his own two hands, and he played a tune for us. I wanted desperately to photograph all of this, but Auntie gave me such a withering look that I thought better of it. I'll just have to be content with the story...and the story is this:

"On our way back to San Francisco from Muir Beach, we’d planned on driving to the Point Bonita Lighthouse by way of the Marin Headlands coastal route. Alas, the road was closed due to construction, so we only got as far as the Golden Gate Bridge overlook, just off Hwy 101. Still, what a stunning view! The north tower of the bridge was now visible through the fog, the bay was a most spectacular shade of blue, and the bridge span trailed off into the fog looking for all the world as though it was simply floating on air.

The wind at the headlands was fierce! We pulled our coats close to us tight was we could and at every step we felt in danger of being blown clean over, but somehow we managed to get to and from the car with no mishaps.

You wouldn’t know it from the photos we took, but it was actually quite crowded at the overlook. Among the many sightseers was a small group of young men from Africa. One of them was carrying a musical instrument from his homeland, an instrument he’d made with his own two hands. He saw Auntie stealing glances at it, and so he pulled it from its case so she could get a closer look. “And what does it sound like?” she asked. He smiled and played her a little tune, a haunting melody whose notes were at once carried away across the bay by that powerful wind.

The bridge and the fog, the wind and the bay, all enjoyed with an African melody playing in the background--what a magical moment!"

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