Right before we left for our trip I saw this page in the gallery and knew that when I got home my vacation book would be made with this look in mind. Lynn and Pam make a great team, don't you think? :O)

Our trip from the airport to the hotel was an adventure. Our ride was close to an hour (or at least it seemed) and our eyes were wide. I had been to Rome before and knew what it was like (I was in a huge bus that time) so I was glad that the guys got to experience it, also. Three marked lanes turned into four whenever they felt like it and the vespa and mortorcycle drivers had no fear. They whipped in and out and at a red light they all came to the front inbetween the lanes of cars with inches to spare on either side of them. We decided that this was more of a bumper car track than a highway. Smart cars and Vespas do seem to dominate in Rome. My guess is not so much the gas benefits, but the parking.

Lynn Grieveson:
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