Page to show what fun Tom's up to this month.

Journalling says: "At 10 months you can crawl, normally
commando style, but more and more you
are getting up on your hands and knees - You love cruising along furniture, and make a
bee line for the TV cabinet, or towards my laptop cable - Amy makes you laugh, and loves
to help you walk, holding your hands - You are a great eater, and try to eat with a spoon,
though mealtimes are very messy - You love to play with a ball, passing it back and forth
to us - You can sleep through the night, though usually only if you’re in with us - You have 4 teeth, the middle two lower, and two upper teeth like little fangs - We’ve just brought out the Little People toys, the pirate ship is your favourite - You sook your fingers to get to sleep, but still like to grab onto us for comfort with your other hand - You like going to Bookbug - You have a great head-banging dance move - You love cats, especially Claude and Gizmo - You say ‘at’ and point at anything that interests you.

Supplies used:
K Pertiet
ledger grids no3; mixed bag brushes no2; on the go kit; gator crossing kit; vintage frames no16; going away kit; little layette kit; painted edgers no4; second hand edgers no1; twisted stitches; baby buddies kit;

A Aspnes
stitched by Anna no1 white; curvy corner stitched blocks no1; radial no1 brushes; artplay palette no4; complete stitched alpha collection no1;

P Knox
DIY alpha no1;

M Terasawa
Little Treasures pirate stickers.