I am so loving the one photo pages, but it was time again to dive into a collage layout! Not sure how you all make them look so easy....such a challenge for me!

It was our annual Halloween party at Grandma Char’s house. It was our chance to see all the cousin’s costumes, since it is too far to drive to everyone’s house on Halloween. This year, everyone painted a mini pumpkin, ate yummy Halloween food and we even celebrated Cooper’s first birthday. The highlight of the day was rescuing some tame baby bunnies that Grandma had seen in her yard. It was a treat to watch you all come up with a plan of how you were going to catch them and keep them safe. After an hour or so of chasing the bunnies in the yard, all the bunnies were accounted for. Grandma’s friend from church came to pick them up and raise them at her house. It was quite the entertaining party!

Thanks for looking!

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