Wow, we seem to be hurtling towards the half way point of the year. Wasn't too good at taking photos this week for some reason. Saturday it seemed like the laundry would never end. Isabel had emptied her gym locker (woof!) and I don't think that she had been giving me all her laundry for several weeks. Sunday, I mowed the lawn and took pictures of my peony buds, looking forward to the flowers. Monday Isabel has been making some very good meals from this cook book from Canadian Living. Tuesday, an all day persistent A fib in EP2. Wednesday was stinking hot and humid. At about 5 pm a vicious storm blew up with hail, high winds and torrential rain. The rain came down so fast that the flow of water actually pushed some manhole covers out of their manholes and moved them down the street. The roof of an apartment building was blown off into the yard of the house behind it. Power was out for over 5,000 customers in the east end of the city. In the west end of town (not more than 15K away) we just had a brief shower and high winds. Some strange weather this year! Thursday was my brother's birthday and I worked in the cath lab all day. Friday would have been my parent's 61st wedding anniversary and I worked in the electrophysiology lab. I am not ashamed to admit that I am a geek and I really enjoy deciphering the electrical evidence which determines the cause of a patient's arrhythmia. Thanks for looking.

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