I got a total bee in my bonnet about making myself a festive tee for the fourth...there were a lot of issues that kept getting in my way, including a much too cheap tee that sat like a sack and puckered all over. I ended up taking the scissors to the tee and remaking it into something more attractive. Once I had accomplished that, I was finally able to create the graphic I wanted - which was the whole POINT of making this tee!

I forgot, in the process, that Anna has not (yet) made an Artplay with a 4th theme, but thankfully between her and Katie, i was able to create something fun anyway. (I have this silly tendency to think Anna has created an artplay for everything, my bad!).

I had to up the saturation on the finished graphic quite a bit, as it darkened with printing...

Anyway, here it is. I'm ready for the 4th of July here in Germany! Wink

Katie Pertiet:
Fifty States Brushes and Stamps MegaPak

Anna Aspnes:
Desert Troops Paperie
Sun and Moon No. 01 BrushSet
Spackle Textured No. 01 BrushSet
Summer WordTransfers No. 01
Celebrate WordART
American Eagle BrushSet
US of A BrushSet