Mmm - After spending two weeks in Vietnam, their cuisine is one of my faves now. Not as spicy as Thai food, but equally tasty and "FRESH" is the name of the game!

Journaling: Quang (our guide) said he was taking us for a light lunch. The soup was spicy with beef, pork cake wrapped in banana leaf, meatballs, bean sprouts, herbs (and fiery chili sauce on the side). Delicious, but definitely not light!

K Pertiet Scrap Pack 1a, Watercolour Neutrals, Conifere Green Solid, Nana's Buttons, Flourished Words,
Anna Aspnes Layered Fotoblendz 3-2, Label Transfers 3-8, Artplay Magic Brush 6, Asian Script 1-2, Hipster Plumes Korners n Edges 5-8, Multimedia Leaves 1-4,