There are two golden hours in the day. The first is just as the sun peaks over the horizen in the morning, and it brings with it the most fabulous pinks and golds - completely different from the golds and violets of the golden hour at the end of the day.

Truth be told, I was out and about this morning because I've been stalking a cedar waxwing. They're extremely early birds, and I have lots of photos of them in the grey light where colors seem to disappear. I was hoping for something better this morning. I didn't get the cedar waxwing. I got this poppy instead. It was a complete surprise. Just a single poppy where none is supposed to be. Don't know what kind of poppy it is. It's not a corn poppy, nor a California poppy, but it is definitely a poppy. It was such a pretty coral pink with lavender "eyes" surrounding the center, and then the sun just lit it up from behind... Forget the cedar waxwing. He'll still be here tomorrow. The poppy might not be.

Katie Pertiet
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