I was so excited to see Pattie's Victory Garden kit in the store since I've been busy with my new garden. Swiper no swiping is a reference to Dora - one of Lily's favorite shows Smile TFL. ~Amy

Snow Fun Classic Cardstock
Taped Together Overlays
Vintage Page Strips No1
Fence Mesh
CatalogInspiration90510 frame
PaintedSummerSunLTNo1 (pulled lots of elements from this template)
Home and Garden File Tab
Taped Together No5
grassy edger
Princess Fairy Tale Epoxy
Hinge Pack

Victory Garden Kit

Kotteder Flowers

ArtPlayPaletteBloomMarv Loop
Find My Way2 FotoBlendz
Loop Da Loop No2
Stitched by Anna Tan

Fred the Fox