Journaling reads: "What an AMAZING year you’ve had as a Kindergartener!! You have grown and changed so much! At the beginning of the school year you knew most of your letters and their sounds, but still struggled with a couple, you didn’t like writing anything...not even your name.

Now, as the school year ends, you can read, you can do addition, subtraction, simple fractions; you can tell time; you write your own books all the time, and you are a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the solar system, the jungle, and many other subjects.

The year wasn’t without some challenges. After Christmas break, you started having some behavior issues. You tend to be a follower, and there were a couple of boys in your class that weren’t a good influence, and you didn’t always do what you were supposed to. Mrs. Matthys never gave up on you though, and by Spring Break, you had turned it around and were back to behaving the way you know to behave.

We are so, so proud of you and all of the things that you accomplished this year in Mrs. Matthys’ class. She has helped you form a basis for a great school career!"

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