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Journaling....(LOL...oh yes. Horrible!)

Do you know what it means to get 1076 Kroger gas points in one month? I do now. That means my three growing kids, a teenager, a pre-teen, and a kid, have cost me $1076 in groceries this month. I will get $1.00 off per gallon in June on one fill up at the pump. That will save me $22. Hmmmm. Today’s trip was an all time high. I waited until almost all the food in the house was gone. Oh, and meat was on sale. Good thing we have that chest freezer now. When we check out now, we get the comments from the peanut gallery. “You must be feeding an army!”. To which we reply, no, just 3 kids. LOL. The summer is about to begin. They will be home 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Time to come up with a plan. I wonder if a school cafeteria menu would go over well? Or a lock on the pantry? Yeah, a lock. Better idea if you ask me. Smile