Another page that I made up for my own AAM challenge to add to the ones I have done with the DD challenges. My most loved pet. His name was Tiny.

The small journaling block says: "When I was small my daddy brought home a puppy and he told me that I could name him. I hugged the little bit of fluff and said, “his name is Tiny” My dad just chuckled as he looked at me and the german shephard pup. He was my best friend, protector and companion from that day forward. Tiny followed me everywhere. Since Carbonado was so small, whenever mom was looking for me, she would drive around town looking on porches for Tiny. One summer day he was hit by a car and he crawled under our house and died. I have never had a more faithful dog."

The larger journaling is a poem that I wrote right after Tiny died with the help of my babysitter (the amazing thing is that I wrote this poem 46 years ago and I still remember it. It is not written down anywhere! until now!):

A long time ago
When I was just a little girl,
I had a big dog
That was my pearl.
I named him Tiny,
That didn’t fit so well.
But why I did
I’ll never tell.
He’d follow me all over town,
And wait for me without a frown.
He somehow knew we’d never part.
But then one day,
A tragedy.
He hid himself in agony.
My daddy found to his surprise,
Under the house was full of flies.
He knew at a glance
that was the end.
Of his oldest daughter’s
most trusted friend.
And now I leave you
With just one thought.
Wherever in Heaven he is
I’ll forget him not.


Katie Pertiet
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