Bringing up the rear with some of the challenges from last Saturday's 2nd Quarterly Sale chats. This page is a combination of Tara's "Sew Go On with the Show" chat, in which we were to use two different kinds of stitching on a page, and Kayleigh's Embellishment Concept chat, in which we were to try out her ideas for creating and building clusters. Thanks, Ladies, for a fun and informative couple of hours!

It isn't often when I say the subject of my photo is "yummy" that I mean it literally! Smile

I suspect when the subject of Peeps comes up, people fall squarely into only one of two camps: you either love them or you hate them. I don't think even certain political topics cause as much divisiveness among the good people of our nation as Peeps do. (I don't know the answer to this: are Peeps available in other countries, or are they a luxury found strictly in the USA?) I am a Peeps lover. Always have been. Something about the colors, the texture, and yes, even the taste just makes me happy. I think it also has as much to do as when those cute-like-a-bunny bunnies show up in the stores, 'cause when they arrive, you know that Spring cannot be far behind. (Yeah, yeah, these days there are Halloween Peeps, Christmas Peeps and the like, but those variations are mere posers. I turn my nose up at those pretenders to the throne!) Thinking back to my childhood, I remember Peeps coming in only one color--yellow--although I could be mistaken about that. These days, they are available in a riot of colors, which simply begged a photo shoot! Boy, you think it's difficult photographing kids and animals? Try photographing Peeps! Just getting them to stand up and face the same direction required much groveling and begging on my part, and then, of course, there's a diva in every crowd. Such a fight over who got to be the front Peep! Smile

Journaling reads:
"Ah, Peeps! Those venerable marshmallow bunnies, those hallmarks of Easter, those harbingers of Spring! How I love their rainbow of colors! They are as much a part of my spring ritual as changing the clocks for Daylight Savings Time, as putting away the winter blankets, as planting the summer flowers. I eagerly look forward to their annual appearance on the shelves of my local grocery store!"

Anna Aspnes
WordSpheres No. 01 Element Set
Stitched by Anna Borders White No. 01

Jesse Edwards
Doodled Stuff No. 07A Brushes and Stamps (frame)
Doodled Flowers Brushes and Stamps No. 2
Doodled Hearts Brushes and Stamps
Summer Stuff Rub Ons

Lynn Grieveson
Forecast Kit (clouds)
Petit Jacques Kit (numbers for '21,' top left corner)

Melanie Grimes for Studio Double D
Studio DD: Doodled Alpha No. 01

Pattie Knox
Fasten Its (stick pin)
FeltBoard Friends: Tweethearts
Victory Garden Kit (fence)

MapleBrook Studio
Jelly Alphabet No. 14 (slightly recolored)

Katie Pertiet
Bunny Trail Mini Kit
Defined Discs: Spring
Going Away Kit (textured white background paper)
Grassy Edgers No. 02
Olde World Ornament Brushes and Stamps No. 01
Plated No. 01
Rounded Corners Stitching Holes
Spring Faire Kit (retired? purple background paper)

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