This is a scan of a poor photo that I tried to doctor as best I could, but I love the delight on my dd’s little face – it brings back wonderful memories of her as a toddler.

Journaling reads:
You met every new circumstance with such delight, able to play on your own, & never needing to be entertained. I was in awe, just watching you giggle & play with a simple plastic container. It could keep your interest for quite a while. My happy baby!

Studio DD:
Layer Works No. 30

Katie Pertiet:
Tied Fasteners No. 03
Sweet Discoveries Layered Template
Spot Dots No. 23 Paper Pack
Painted Edgers No. 04
Lynn Grieveson:
Artfully White Paper Pack

Fonts: FG Quesnell and Esat Hoxha NRML

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