I knew I would only get one page scrapped by the deadlines, so I challenged myself to only use chat freebies and to use as many as I could on one page, so here it is Smile
And I couldn't remember wich chat had what dealine if any, so I just put them all on the title line. ( In my defence some of these chats were at 3am in the morning and i'm sick too Smile )
Cathy Zielske
Cathy’s Talking Type Chat Freebie
- Youcombinedwithme
Katie Pertiet’s Designs

Kayleigh’s Embelishing Chat Freebie
- ClockParts2_face_2
- SimpleClassicsNo1Buttons-3
- SimpleClassicsNo1Buttons-9
- StampedSentiments4-moment
Cassie’s 30 MM Chat Freebie
- StampedStitchedFlowers-5
- ShabbyChicCardstocks-6
Pam’s Page Craft Chat Freebie
- CollageableBitsNo1-1 CollageableBitsNo1-10 CollageableBitsNo1-7
Wendy’s Get Lyrical Chat Freebie
- LyricalSheetMusic
Tara’s Sew Good Chat Freebie
- SewGoodStitching-1
- SewGoodStitching-4
- SewGoodStitching-tag
Katie Web Inspiration Chat Freebie
- WebInspiration0511-flourish
- WebInspiration0511-journalingSign
- WebInspiration0511-stitchedJournalSpot
Katie’s Last Call Chat
- LastCall-2
- LastCall-3

Lynn Grieveson

This photo was taken by you 11 days before my 35th Birthday. I don’t normally like photos of myself, but for some reason, I like me in the ones you take. I think it is because when I look at you and watch you trying to do things, it is with such love and pride that I am genuinely smiling. I hope that you can always see my love for you in my eyes and my smile.

ETA: the "you" i am refering to is my almost 4yr old DS, and he took this picture!