My daughter's graduation. I have lots of wonderful shots, but love seeing all those grads and locating MINE among the sea of caps and gowns..............yup, I was even planning the page as I took the shots from behind........I was think'n a loopdaloop and arrows would work well to separate her from the pack...........but the blond hair helps too.
Thanks for looking!

Katie Pertiet
Le Marche Kit
Transparency Photo Frames No. 06
Loosely Labeled No. 03

Ali Edwards
Life in Pictures Brushes and Stamps
Photo Word Art

Anna Aspnes
Dotted LoopDaLoops No. 01
Distressed Edge overlays No. 09
Painted Overlays No. 02
Cine Film Overlays No. 01
Foto WordArt No. 01
ArtPlay Palette Fotographie

Michelle Martin
Just Linens No. 20