Whew, what a busy week! There had not been much sleeping on Isabel's music trip to England and she arrived home jet lagged and sleep deprived. Saturday was a pretty low key, sleep 'til noon kind of day for her. Good thing, 'cause the price of gas just keeps going up! Sunday, Isabel had rugby practise, their first game of the season is tomorrow. Monday is Federal Election Day. Isabel was up at 4 am for rowing, had a full day of school and then a game. They lost to St Joe's 15-0. Isabel was pretty down, seems she had a bad rowing practise too (after 11 days off). Tuesday, I was awakened at 4:44 am by Isabel talking. I thought that she was talking to the cats, but realized that she had missed her alarm and therefore, her ride to the club. Thinking that she needed to hit the practise for her self esteem, I drove her. It was the right move. Wednesday, I drove her to school for a 7 am rugby practise. Thursday, she is back on track for her early practises and I have been in the cath lab all week. Friday, I am able to get to the game at Glebe, where the Gryphons beat St Marks 7-0. St Marks beat them in the semifinals last year with some questionable sportsmanship... Thanks for looking.

LGrieveson-Scrap Express No 55

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