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Greetings, DD'ers! Taking a break from work long enough to make and post this page. A couple of weekends ago two of my Canadian relatives were in San Francisco, and Peter and I spent a day with them playing tour guide. I took over 300 photos in 12 hours, and what is the first page I make to document that day? A page without photos! Smile Well, you know how it goes--you get an idea for a layout but your muse takes you down a different path. I meant for this page to be a kind of title page or summary page of our day together, and I suppose in that sense I succeeded. (The truth? I think I just didn't want to sort through 300 photos! Smile )

Regarding all of the doodles here, don't get the idea that I can draw. My lack-of-drawing skills are legendary. (True story: I've received gifts of books with titles like "Drawings on the Right Side of the Brain," "Drawing for Dummies," etc. You get the idea. Sigh.) The doodles here not from Katie or Mel started with a photo I'd taken--the redwood trees, the beach scene, the Cliff House. I used various selection tools (eg., magnetic lasso) to outline the parts of the photos I wanted to keep and then added a stroke to the outline. Voilà! Instant doodle!

The grant deadline is fast approaching, so back to the salt mines for me. I'm counting the days 'til it's sent!

Journaling reads:
"1. Auntie Bea and Cousin Tom, two of our Canadian relatives, were in San Francisco for five days in April.
2. They'd been on a two-week cruise that took them from Ft. Lauderdale to San Diego via the Panama Canal.
3. They flew up from San Diego on the morning of April 17th. Peter and I picked them up from the airport and spent the day with them.
4. Since they wouldn't be renting a car, we decided to take them to places that are easier to get to by car than by foot. Bea observed us effortlessly coping with the crazy San Francisco street traffic, and she remarked that we would be soooo bored driving in Manitoba!
5. After coffee and catching up, we started our day's adventures by driving up Lombard St. Bea's comment about how steep the street was made me laugh! ("Oh Lordy! I can see my Maker!")
6. Of course, one goes up Lombard St. for the sole purpose of going down Lombard St., the crookedest street in the world!
7. The Golden Gate Bridge is a must-see for any first-time visitor to San Francisco. As an extra treat, we actually walked across it. The views were extraordinary!
8. Living on the plains of Manitoba, they were excited to see the majestic redwood trees at Muir Woods National Park. It amazes me that these 1000-year-old trees are a mere 15 miles north of the City.
9. Lovely and secluded, Muir Beach is a bit too rocky and cold for swimming. However, it's a great place to park your buns on a big piece of driftwood and just hang out.
10. Near the end of the day, we got a different perspective of the Golden Gate, with the City shining behind it, from atop the Marin Headlands.
11. I completely cracked up when Bea remarked that she'd never been photographed so much in her entire life!
12. We ended our day's adventures with a marvelous meal at the Cliff House, a real San Francisco dining experience."

Oh, and I don't care what else is going on in my life, but I WILL be at the next Quarterly Sales Chat! Hey, a girl needs something to look forward to, right?

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