I could work on this page only because I feel that for the snow really is gone for good (knock on wood)!
Thanks for looking!

This winter was one for the record books! We got snow upon snow upon snow! You were always pretty cheerful about the snow and when I would complain about the cold and the snow, you would take the opposite side and say that you never wanted winter to go away! You certainly showed me that you could be resourceful and have a great time in the snow!

K. Pertiet
Pencil Line Frames No 1
Flourished Winter Paper
Watery Flakes No 2
Hinge Pack
Pinned Tabs No 2
Basic Tags No 1
Little Princess Kit
Little plastic Flowers
Lil Bit Tags Stitch (recolored)
Groceria Words (recolored)
Snow Fun Kit (staple)
Loosely Labeled Dates

C. Zielske
Story Guide 2

A. Aspnes
For Humanity Loop da Loop

A. Edwards
Christmas Words

M. Martin
Samma Kit (bow)