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Madrid is FULL of art of all sorts. In museums, on the street, in it's people. In our four and a half days there we soaked it up. We made it to two of the three biggest art museum and learned enough to know that we can keep ourselves busy there for quite a while on our next trip. The fact that the museums are open for free every evening from 7-9pm seems congruent with the thirst for beauty we saw there.

Thanks for taking this little trip with us.

Katie Pertiet
Creased Cardstocks Paper Pack No. 03
All Mapped Out Paper Pack No. 01
Taped Together Photo Frames No. 01
Taped Together Photo Frames No. 02
Roughed Up Botanical Mix Paper Pack
AnJack Whites Paper Pack
Basic Tags No. 01
Fastened Frames No. 04

Anna Aspnes
ArtPlay Palette Blooming Marvelous
Artsy Layered Template No. 23

The Grunge Source
AnJack Whites Paper Pack

Andrea Victoria
Subtle Charcoals Paper Pack