Saturday Scraplift No. 202

Hi, DD'ers! Just dropped in to say "Hey!" and to wish those of you celebrating today a Hoppy Easter! Smile I hope everyone is doing well and that spring has finally sprung for the many of you who spent the winter buried under mounds of snow. Work is still eating up all of my time, but there is an end in sight. The grant deadline is hurtling toward us with alarming speed, but at least we'll get a brief respite from bench work once our Fearless Leader has hit the "send" button.

This being Easter weekend, I gave myself the whole weekend off and spent it with family and friends. I even had a chance to take some photos and start some pages! I can't even begin to tell you how good that felt! (Well, come to think of it, you guys are probably the only ones who know what that feels like! Smile )

So, the story behind this page...the neighborhood in which I live is a pretty close-knit community. We have a few social gatherings every year, and one of the most popular is our Spring Celebration and Easter Egg Hunt. There's a few of us who help plan and put this together, and a few more who show up on the day of the actual egg hunt to help hide the eggs and set out the food. This year, one of the teen volunteers, a young man who clearly was coerced/cajoled/threatened/bribed by his mom to be there, was "helping" to hide the eggs, and for some reason I just cracked up when I saw him "hide" an orange egg on a black bench! Naturally I had to take a picture of it, and ptabbert's cute page gave me just the right inspiration for how to scrap the photo.

Now don't faint, but I've actually included the journaling for this photo on its own page. The two pages together look like this:

and the journaling reads:
"Our annual neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt is always a huge success, thanks in no small part to the volunteers who spend several nights stuffing plastic eggs full of candy and prizes and who then join us in the wee hours of Saturday morning to help hide the eggs before the little ones arrive with their baskets and their enthusiasm. This year, we had over 1200 eggs to stuff and hide! A few of the volunteers always bring their older kids with them to help hide the eggs, as a way to teach their children about service and about community. With 1200 eggs to hide in a short amount of time, we grown-ups just want the eggs hidden, where "hidden" sometimes means simply out of the bags in which they're stored! Most of the tween and teen volunteers take this job very seriously, though, developing their own set of rules--the eggs mustn’t be so hidden that they are never found, but they mustn’t be so exposed that they are easily spotted--as they look for just the right place to hide the eggs.

There was one young man this year who had, shall we say, a more laid-back approach to this task as compared to his contemporaries. I watched, amused, as he walked along the sidewalks of the neighborhood, casually tossing eggs onto the open grass, oblivious to the fact that not only were the eggs plainly visible, but that his dropping them onto the grass was causing them to fall open and spill out their candy contents. The highlight for me came when he “hid” an orange egg on a black wrought iron park bench! Clearly not the best hiding place, but it did make for an interesting photo!"

Off to check out the gallery before bedtime. Miss you guys something fierce!

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