This page began with my son asking me how that 'digital stuff works'...............well let me show you my child!! (Don't have to ask me twice!!) Playing with texture and fotoblendz masks and some bits of grunge to make a companion page to go with the message pages I've been making for a book for him. Some repeated shots, but digi let's them look a bit different each time. This page was just to show him 'how that digital stuff works,' but decided to keep it.

Thanks for looking.


Katie Pertiet

Assorted Tapes No. 04

Postage Stamp Frames Large No. 03

Hinge Pack

Transparency Photo Frames No. 06

Anna ******

Page FotoBlendz No. 04

Distressed Edge Overlays No. 09

FotoBlendz Canvas Clipping Masks

Ali Edwards

You Word Art

You Brushes and Stamps Vol. 2

Michelle Martin

Just Linens No. 03 (blended for texture)