I struggled for a long time to figure out a way to scrap this photo of Rachel at 9 1/2 months, being followed by the Cockatoo we had at the time. With the help of the Sat. Scraplift, I finally got it done. This little bird was the sweetest thing, however, we gave her to a friend shortly after this, as we just didn't want to risk Rachel getting bitten. Tyler did not bite unless you asked for it, and we all know how tough a toddler can be on animals. Tyler is now 26 years old and doing fine with her second owner, but I still miss her dearly.

Journaling reads: For years Tyler had lots of attention, and the run of the house while I was home. Now with the birth of Rachel, Tyler had to be carefully supervised when out of her cage. She had never been exposed to children, so she was very curious about this little girl, and although Tyler was a real sweet and cuddley little bird, we knew how strong her beak was, so we were always on guard to protect our sweet Rachel. The more we tried to keep Tyler from Rachel, the more she seemd to want to check her out.

Items Used:
Katie Pertiet:
Email Inspiration 11710
Days of December Template - Dec 25
Spot Dots No. 17 Paper Pack
Spot Dots No. 23 Paper Pack
Le Marche Kit
Ad Inspriation 22110 label strips
Little Birdie Epoxies No. 01
Button Rimmed Alphabet: Red
White and Grey Tab Alphabet
Heart Strings
Little Layette Kit
Honfleur Paper Pack
Anna Aspnes:
HeartStitched by Anna White No. 01
Stitched by Anna Red No. 01
Heart LoopDaLoop ArtStrokes No. 01 BrushSet
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