My wonderful husband threw my twin sister and I a surprise party for our 60th last Saturday evening. It was amazing!...
(since I didn't come prepared with a camera, I'm hoping to get some photos from friends and possibly another Shutterfly book in the works)

Journaling: It was an evening I’ll never forget. I keep reliving the sequence of events that led up to the big moment…the door opens, a chorus of enthusiastic voices greets us with a hearty “Surprise” and an explosion of flash bulbs lights up the dark room as we slowly comprehend that we’ve entered someone’s surprise party! But wait…this isn’t someone else’s party, this is our own party! As our eyes adjust we’re able to match the faces with the voices and recognize a room full of smiling and cheering family and friends. What an experience! My twin sister and I, finally compose, pull ourselves together and start acting like the adults we’re supposed to be. After all, this is our 60th birthday party…and the brainchild of my fabulous husband. He planned the entire event (with the help of a party planner!) from the designing of the invitations, which he is so proud of, to the printed cocktail napkins, beautiful floral arrangements, delicious buffet and the most popular…the open bar. What a guy! The site was perfect…the sandstone cave tasting room in our local Wente winery. Surrounded by big oak barrels, the aroma of cellar-aged wine and the sparkle of chandeliers and votive candles, the atmosphere was magical. I’m still in awe that he pulled this off so smoothly. Looking back I can see that the coincidences of the weekend really weren’t coincidental at all. Our daughter and her family really didn’t come up from SoCal to attend a business function. My husband really didn’t win a dinner for four at the restaurant that evening (as his ploy to get us there). And the makeover and photo shoot my sister and I received Saturday afternoon really weren’t for my hair stylist's website. Maybe you get more gullible with age or maybe it’s just easier to cooperate without question. Either way, I’m so glad we went along with the made up plans. The evening was unforgettable!


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