So this past week I have been working literally non-stop on a going-away present for a friend of mine who has decided to ditch Munich and head back home to Berlin where they are building a house and living near family. We've known each other ever since Georgia was 4 months old and so I wanted to do a scrapbook for her with all the pictures I could find of our kiddos together.

I am running late on this, she is leaving on May 2nd and has already had her good-bye party. Anyway, once I had the book finished this morning and started uploading it to the German printing site I use, I discovered that I had to fill in some spreads because the software now requires you to have specific numbers of pages, so I only needed 52, but they are making me do 58. NOW WHAT?!

This is where Anna's awesome artplays come into play...I decided to make those spreads empty so she could paste in her own pictures and write down her own memories.

Supplies Used:
Katie Pertiet:
Book of Memories Layered Templates No. 01
Curled Journal Spots No. 04

Anna Aspnes:
ArtPlay Palette WordPlay

The whole book is too much to post. I might pick out a layout or two when I am not so tired, but I was in a hurry and not writing down supplies used... :P